Invest in your sales process.

Training sessions


During the training session, we will analyze your sales processes and find solution for the optimization. We will create new rules to make sales team work more effective.

Hight conversion rate

We will teach you how to successfully acquire customers, qualify sales and manage the sales potential.

Better communication

We will help you create sales materials and work on negotiation and saes closing techniques. You will get new ideas how to improve communication with your customers

CRM tools

We will propose effective tools for your sales team and show you how to use them. Your CRM system will be optimized.

Dedicated sales trainings for companies

All trainings are planned and created individually, basing the complex
analysis of customers’ needs.

Basic training scope:

  • sales and marketing processes, innovative sales approach
  • Lead Generation and Social Selling in practise
  • methods and tools for effective selling
  • sales communication, optimized conversion
  • praca w systemie CRM, praca z zespołem handlowym
We focus on practice

We cooperate with leading companies from ICT, HR, B2B Service, Marketing.
We will help you create a value.


  • base for further work on processes
  • knowledge how to gain sales potential
  • knowledge about the tools
  • cut-and-dried solutions and tips
  • our support – a possibility of consultations after the training

Our trainings



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