How salespeople can use cold mailing?

Technological tools aimed to monitor conversion indicators and analyze actions’ effectiveness are one of the most obvious toys for salespeople. Being aware of multiple benefits emerging from technological solutions for sale, it is also reasonable to notice, that ability to build relationships is still crucial for business development. The lack of personalized approach to communication with potential customer leads to hang up call or, in case of an e-mail communication – in spam. Let’s focus on the second case – what can you do not to land in spam?

Avoid sales-talks.

Sales communication is ubiquitous. To efficiently gather recipient’s attention, you need to try harder. First of all, you need to gather knowledge about the industry you’re prospecting,  about trends, challenges and problems that your potential customer faces. You need to know the solution – how your product or service answers for these issues. Your product is valuable for recipients if it brings them benefits. Tell the story about your existing customers’ success, which was possible thanks to your solution. It’s a better thing to do instead of telling your story of the success. Keywords here are personalization and customer environment understanding.

Avoid “let’s send more emails” approach.

Obviously, you’re not going to get a response for each and every email you send. What is more, sending more messages, you’re more likely to hear back from your prospects. Still, not only quantity but also quality matters. The message, which you release, is your showcase, works for or against your PR. This fact is even more significant in B2B, where your message is delivered to decision-makers, chairman and other, rather serious guys, who receive tones of proposals every day. All the time somebody wants something from them, bother them and take their time. Badly constructed, auto-promotional email, which does not bring any value to recipient’s life, is simply annoying. What do you think, how likely you are to make a deal when you put your prospect back up at the very beginning? Not really, I guess.

The situation changes when your prospect feels that you’ve done good research, you know what they are dealing with and you are able to feel some particular gap in their organization. That makes you look professional.

You’re able to start a relationship with your customer in a professional way.

Cold email is a good way to start a contact in no imposing, personalized way and is an introduction to the selling process. Crucial strengths of cold mailing:

  • you reach out only to people, who fit your ideal customer profile
  • you minimize a number of missed shots – your product/service is applicable in the recipients’ environment
  • you start direct contact with a decision-maker in the particular field (IT, management, accounting, HR, marketing etc.)
  • the communication is personalized -you write about things, which involve the recipient.
  • a possibility of showing your product as a solution for existing problems
  • possibility to start a relationship – if you get a response, you can open selling process.

What should you, as a salesperson, mention in an efficient cold email? Here are some tips:

  • At the beginning refer to the recipient’s activity. Maybe you’ve read an article by this person, or you participated in the same conference or event? You can also refer to a content on their web, the person’s duties, their abilities. All of this may be used as a foothold.
  • The more you write about the recipient the better. Ask about their needs, about their company’s plans, challenges they face. Ask if they’ve heard about some specific solutions.
  • The less you write about you and your company, the better. Actually, do it only when you want to describe how the recipient’s problem may be solved.
  • Ask open questions, show the recipient that you know a lot about them and that you’re interested in satisfying their needs.
  • Present your aim clearly. No call to action is no chance of starting a relationship.
  • Be brief and make your communication understandable.
  • Remember about courtesy.
  • Be aware that email is a letter and it needs to have a formal structure: greeting, introduction, body, and ending. Remember to explain your intent.
  • Be aware of grammar and spelling.
  • Plan a follow-up.

Exemplary cold email for a salesperson

I’m sure that a cold email as a first contact strategy is worth checking out. Following the mentioned rules, you are very likely to gather a bunch of people interested in talking about what you are offering. Don’t worry, nobody bans calls and analysis. Calling will take place later, you will also get a lot of data to analyze after the cold mailing campaign. What you can change is your work’s quality – it’s nicer to talk with people, who are interested in what you are going to say and who don’t hang up on you, don’t you think?

As we create efficient B2B lead generation campaigns, based on cold emails method. If you think we can help you, feel free to reach out to us, we’ll be very glad to give you a hand.