Automated sales campaign

Linkedin Automation

Global market

LinkedIn campaigns five a possibility to reach out to customers from any market in the world in 10 days.

Strong relations

Building relations on social platform makes it easier to start sales conversations and-therfore-fills your pipeline.


Our actions on Linkedin are 100% comptible with GDPR. We operate in accordance


We are working in the license model, you will get constant access to the new sales channel for the whole year.

Creating a profile

We will create for you two profiles of Virtual Salespeople, who will represent your brand in LinkedIn. They will use premium account, what make the communication more professional.

Linkedin statistics:

  • 500+ million users
  • 250 thousand new users last year
  • 400 avarage number of user’s contacts
  • 200 countries
Creating target

We will help you set the target, which perfectly fits your business

Will will take into account:

  • size of the company
  • Region
  • Industry
  • job title of the contact person
Connecting request

Virtual Salespeople will send connecting requests to decision-makers from companies, which are your business match.

Sending message to the contact network

Virtual Salespeople will send messages to people, who consented to communicate with your brand and became a part of your network. They will propose a conversation about a possibility of cooperation.

We cooperate with multiple industries

As an experienced team, we support companies form almost every industry. Our priority is to precisely choose the market and create a value, working together with our customers. We cooperate with both international corporations and small, local entrepreneurs.


LinkedIn is innovative sales channel, which provides a huge contact base and enables you to establish new business relations with people operating on many different markets all over the world.

Using this method, we give our customers an opportunity to:

  • generate sales leads
  • expand to new markets
  • build relations with customers

Invest in your sales process

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