How to generate leads for software houses?

IT industry changes constantly. Simultaneously, the strategies of lead generation for technology companies and software houses change. Being recognizable on a market full of creative developers is not an easy thing to achieve. So what should you do to find your market niche? An obvious answer is: create a strategy, which will perfectly answer for your customer’s needs and convert them into a hot lead.

1. How to do it?

Paradoxically, the good information is that you’re not the only one, who faces this problem. A lot of large and experienced teams met similar marketing challenges and found solutions, which helped them develop their selling channels.

2. Efficient business communication is about the recipient, not about you.  

To engage decision-makers in communication, you need to show them that you perfectly understand their environment the challenges they face. You need to present yourself as a strong partner, who is aware of the situation in recipient’s industry and is able to guarantee them appropriate ROI.

3. What should you take into account planning lead generation campaigns for software house?


Consider what features of your software are important according to your customer.

Probably it is a combination of those mentioned above:

– reliability

– efficiency

– security

– easy operating

– easy identification of possible software errors

– possibility to individualize and enrich

Consider how would you like to be seen by your customers.

I’d like to be seen as:

– innovative

– open-minded

– professional

– honest

– focused on my customer

My team should be:

– comprehensive

– experienced

– quick working

Ideal customer profile

Who is it? How old is this person, in what position they work, what are their everyday duties, how large is the city they come from. What are their problems and, the most important – how are you able to solve these problems providing them with your product/service. Can you think of any alternative solutions? Why your solution is better than the others?

If you need some advice how to start, go here.

4. While looking for your target, it is useful to take into account:

– size of your company – how big projects are you able to cover

– the market, on which you operate – country, region, city

– your competitors’ strategy – what they succeed in, what can distinguish you.

Thinking about these issues you are very likely to find companies, for which you will stand as a professional partner. In the process of your company’s development, you will gather resources, that will enable you to reach higher.

5. Communication channels

– email – according to latest data gathered by Marketing Sherpa, 72% of customers prefer email communication that any other. An email campaigns efficiency has been proven. Cold email is considered the most efficient email campaign in the latest years. This strategy gives you a possibility to create complex campaigns generating leads among people, who match your ideal customer profile, but they haven’t reached out to you yet. A possibility to personalize communication and speak to people, who work in some particular environment and face particular challenges.

– website/blog – web optimization to get higher conversion rate requires a bit of patience and creativity. What can you do?

– add CTA button on every website. It will enable visitors to follow the conversion links.

– adjust CTA to content on each website.

– creating content, concentrate on possible benefits, which your solution may bring to users.

– A/B test different graphic presentation of your CTA to find which one appeals to your target the most

– think about your web as it was an open project, improve it regularly, analyze your marketing actions.

– social media – this channel will help you to reach the chosen industry. Use hashtags to start communication with groups of Twitter users. For example, if your system supports data analysis, use hashtags: #data, #bigdata, #datamining. Be active in social media, inform your audience about the newest projects, post videos, share new blog content. As an IT specialist, you are able to answer questions asked by other developers, for example, using hashtag #answer on Twitter, or participating in group discussions on Facebook.

– influencers – here you can find an excellent list of ideas for software house cooperation with influencers.

6. Communication form

  • Video content – it is not very likely that some random people will read your extended offer to the very end. But most of them will find 2 or 3 minutes to watch an engaging video. If you create a video communication, which answers for these people problems, you have a huge chance for success. I’m pretty sure that your technology is very complex and that you know a lot about it. Probably you know even too much to turn an average person on the subject. So your job is to create an interesting story about the product. Case Study is a good way to do it. Guide the audience through the whole process of implementing your solution in the other company, show them what you managed to improve. But: avoid technical details, nobody (except other code manics), will understand you. Sales campaign, which requires technical details, starts later. Now you just need to focus attention on your solution.

Funny video may work too. The fact that you work in the serious environment does not imply that you need to be serious all the time. Actually, it is opposite: entertaining video, which presents your work gives you a chance to distinguish yourself from the crowd, shows, that you have a sense of humor and is easier to remember that one more talking head.

  • Useful content – build your professional image

Sharing knowledge is of value. Tutorials, educational seminaries, a presentation about the newest trends in IT market, case studies – these make people trust, that you know what you are doing.

  • Testimonials – positive opinions about your company

Chose the form, which fits you the most, video testimonials will work as good as written quotes with a picture of your happy customer. One thing is important in both cases:  the more recognizable your customer is, the better. It ideal situation your audience just take a look and knows who is the recommending person. If it is not possible, create a testimonial in the way that will provide the audience with all this information, also adding what your company have done for this people.

7. Content

First of all, you need to be understood. Maybe this information is outrageous for you, but not everybody is familiar with programming technical details- there are some people who are not going to understand specific terminology. Pay attention to making your communication accessible to them, they also want to understand what you are selling. Programmists are interested in how does your technology work, other people prefer to learn how your technology can solve their problems. Instead of telling salesperson how incredible solutions your team used creating a software (I bet they did), better tell them how your product’s implementation will increase sales in their company. Instead of writing a technical essay, create infographics and present what you do in a simple way. Or, even better, tell them that you know what they do and that you are able to make their life easier.

Obviously, among your audience, there will be some IT specialists, who’d rather get details about your product. Don’t neglect them as well, create a bookmark dedicated to more advanced visitors on your web or blog. You can link this specialistic content from the main page. Creating technical content on several advancement levels, it may bring to your web people who are willing to learn from you. They will appreciate it.

Remember: Communication is a trademark of a software house. Content and form should be compatible with your mission and vision. Show, what is the most important in your company, refer to your know-how, to the work atmosphere your team prefers. This information is important when choosing IT partner, cooperation often requires constant, intensive contact.

8. Lead generation – tips, which will work also for software houses.

You’ve created your customer profile, you know what is important for these people, you know what they expect from their business partner, you know their environment. You also know which channels you can use to reach out to them. But…how to get their contact data?

  • contact date to subscribers – share special content, which is available only for those, who registered on your web. You may provide them with newsletters, ebooks, webinars. This is also a good way to price those, who are your loyal followers. Same time you generate leads among those, who are potentially interested in your product.
  • contact data of people, who participate in conferences and events. Yes, to do it you need to attend conferences and events. Choose those, that are dedicated to the targeted industry.
  • contact date of people, who attended your webinars
  • databases, that contain companies matching your ideal customer profile

As we are able to generate this kind of database for your company. We have a rich experience in cooperating with IT companies. We will be very glad to give you a hand. You’re welcome to contact us anytime.