Case Study Fast White Cat

About the company:

Fast White Cat is a Magento certified partner, with headquarters in Wroclaw, Poland. FWC is one of the polish leaders in the field of IT solutions for e-commerce. Their team of developers creates and maintain shops based on Magento platform. In their team, there are the most wanted on the IT market specialists, who develop Magento and Magento 2 technology.

FWC is distinguished by the complex approach to services for e-commerce: multi-specialized team implement omnichannel based on Magento, create an outstanding design, optimize SEO processes, adjust the responsiveness of platforms, undertake marketing actions aimed to increase sales and create Google AdWords.


German software houses coding on Magento, who cooperate with e-commerce. FWC wanted to reach out to decision-makers, such as: CTO, CEO, President.

Services demanded in e-commerce:

We can observe an increase in demand for high competence services. The most wanted are specialists with rich introductory portfolio, who understand e-commerce, and able to prove their experience providing examples of carried out projects. The problem is that e-commerce is a young business branch, for this reason, there is not a lot of experienced specialists on the market. Most of the people gain their experience right now. The scope of wanted services is wide but amounts to technological solutions and logistics. Needs of e-commerce still evolve and develop.

IT sector problems:

The weakest point of IT is now the lack of experienced developers, meaning both hard coding skills and the understanding of a business purpose of the particular project. HR shortage is a problem of the global IT market, regardless the country. In e-shops based on Magento is even more visible because of the new version of the platform – Magento 2 – appearance. In Germany, there is an additional problem connected with increasing costs of hiring developers, which not necessarily reflects in a quality of service.

Campaign’s aim:

Our customer was willing to start cooperation with German software companies, offering them support in Magento projects. The price offered was lower than the common price for this service in Germany. FWC didn’t have any previous experience with supporting foreign companies in the field of Magento.

Our method:

We generated for FWC a database, choosing contacts corresponding to their ideal customer profile on the new market. We created a lead generating campaign based on cold emailing. In the series of 4 emails, we related to problems and challenges specific to recipient’s environment and we provided a solution – service offered by our customer.


As a result of our campaign, 13 German software companies were willing to start business relations with Fast White Cat.